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  • Rt. Hon. Mark Drakeford AM, First Minister (from item 3)
  • Rebecca Evans AM
  • Vaughan Gething AM
  • Lesley Griffiths AM
  • Julie James AM
  • Eluned Morgan AM
  • Ken Skates AM
  • Kirsty Williams AM
  • Jeremy Miles AM
  • Jane Hutt AM
  • Shan Morgan, Permanent Secretary
  • Des Clifford, Director General Office of the First Minister
  • Carys Evans, Principal Private Secretary to the First Minister
  • Jo Salway, Head of Cabinet Office
  • Will Whiteley, Head of Cabinet Division
  • Toby Mason, Head of Strategic Communications
  • Jane Runeckles, Special Adviser
  • Alex Bevan, Special Adviser
  • Dan Butler, Special Adviser
  • Sara Faye, Special Adviser
  • Paul Griffiths, Special Adviser
  • Clare Jenkins, Special Adviser
  • Andrew Johnson, Special Adviser
  • Christopher W Morgan Cabinet Secretariat (minutes)
  • Damian Roche, Cabinet Secretariat
  • Andrew Jeffreys, Director Treasury (item 3)
  • Matthew Wellington, Head of Budget Delivery (item 3)
  • Gian Marco Currado, Director Environment and Marine (item 4&5)
  • Olwen Spiller, Head of Air Quality, Noise and Chemicals (item 4)
  • Alex Hicks, Head of Public Sector Decarbonisation (item 5)

Item 1: Minutes of the previous meeting

1.1 Cymeradwyodd y Cabinet gofnodion y 16 Medi / Cabinet approved the minutes of 16 September.

Item 2: Government Plenary Business

2.1 Cabinet noted the Plenary grid.

Item 3: Draft Budget 2020 to 2021

3.1 The Minister for Finance and Trefnydd introduced the paper which asked Cabinet to note the update on budget preparations and approve the indicative MEG allocations.

3.2 Ministers recognised that the outcome of the Brexit negotiations could have a significant impact on all the proposals in the paper.

3.3 Ministers noted that the UK Government Budget, which had been scheduled for 6th November, could have a major impact on the Government’s spending plans.

Item 4: Consultation on the Clean Air Plan

4.1 The Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs introduced the paper, which asked Cabinet to approve the proposed actions that would be included in the draft Clean Air Plan. The aim was to issue the consultation by December 2019.

4.2 Cabinet welcomed the paper, and the fact that messages were appearing alongside 50mph speed limit road signs to indicate that ‘Air Pollution Kills’.

4.3 Cabinet approved the paper.

Item 5: Prosperity for All: A Climate Conscious Wales

5.1 The Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs introduced the paper, which asked Cabinet to approve ‘Prosperity for All: A Climate Conscious Wales. It was intended that the adaptation plan would be published before the Christmas recess.

5.2 Following Cabinet agreement, in December 2018, the draft climate change adaptation plan was issued for consultation and a summary of the consultation responses was published in June 2019.

5.3 The key themes which came from the consultation included, a lack of a sense of urgency, a shortage of detail to monitor and evaluate progress and a need for a clearer governance structure. Furthermore, it was important to clarify who was responsible for delivering the many actions, produce a summary version of the action plan and explain how the Government intended to communicate climate risk while building adaptive capacity.

5.4 It was recognised that Wales was now experiencing the impact of climate change. The UK had witnessed the joint hottest summer on record in 2018, which had an impact on the farming community, and the previous autumn storm Callum brought the worst floods in Wales in 30 years.

5.5 It was therefore imperative to take significant steps now to adapt, rather than wait until it was too late, thereby, minimising the negative impacts to peoples’ lives and the costly consequences.

5.6 Whilst the plan identified the actions being taken forward by Welsh Ministers there were also a number of key dependencies on other plans and delivery areas, which were spread across all portfolios.  There was a need to ensure that large strategic investments were cognisant of the climate change risks and that adaptation was built into the design of these policies and projects from the outset.

5.7 Cabinet welcomed the paper.

5.8 Cabinet approved the paper.

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