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Minister for Economy and Transport (and Minister for North Wales)


All members of the Cabinet shall be members of the Cabinet Committee but ministerial attendance for each Committee meeting will be determined by the agenda items.

Attendance of special advisers, policy officials, external expert stakeholders to be agreed by the Chair.

Terms of reference

  • The Cabinet Committee will consider any matter relevant to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of North Wales
  • It will make recommendations and report to the full Cabinet, particularly on any cross cutting issues or matters having financial or legislative implications
  • Cabinet Committee papers and minutes shall be produced and published in accordance with the arrangements set out for Cabinet in section 6 of the Ministerial Code
  • Cabinet collective responsibility will apply at all times.


Cabinet Secretariat to provide organisational and commissioning support from Cardiff Bay. A lead official to provide on-location logistical and strategic support from Llandudno Junction.

Frequency of meetings to be determined by the Chair.

Meetings to take place in locations around North Wales and by video link to other locations as appropriate.

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