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What is BydTermCymru?

BydTermCymru aims to be an innovative collection of materials to aid the Welsh Government’s internal and external translators. It includes our terminology database, TermCymru, our style guide, Yr Arddulliadur, as well as a host of other useful resources for translators.

BydTermCymru includes:

  • our searchable termbase, TermCymru
  • a searchable version of the Translation Service’s general style guide, 'Yr Arddulliadur'
  • resources for translating legislative texts
  • a collection of translation memories for you to download and use in your translation memory software 
  • other resources for professional translators.

These are published on the web in the hope that they will be useful not only for Welsh Government translators but also for translators in general and, indeed, for anyone working in a bilingual environment.

August 2019 update

BydTermCymru was moved to its present location on the Welsh Government corporate website in August 2019. This has led to a number of changes to the way the website looks and behaves. 

Here are some of the key changes so far:

  • The design is simpler and cleaner, reflecting the Welsh Government's new design guidelines for its websites
  • When searching for English-language terms, TermCymru will find related forms for those English words. For example, when searching for 'organisation', terms which include 'organisations', 'organised' and 'organising' will also be displayed. This function is not currently available when searching for Welsh-language terms
  • When displaying results, TermCymru will display all fields which are populated in the database. You will no longer need to click for further information about a specific term
  • It is not now possible to search for parts of words. Full words must be entered into the search box.

We intend to undertake further work on aspects of the website and its resources over the coming months. For example, we intend to improve the resource for sharing our translation memories.

If you use BydTermCymru regularly, make the BydTermCymru homepage a Favourite in your browser, so that you get the latest information about new additions and developments.

Contact us

We welcome your comments about the new version of BydTermCymru. Send us an e-mail at