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Read on to find out about our latest work to prepare for a potential no deal Brexit.

First published:
24 June 2019
Last updated:

The EU has granted the UK a 6-month extension to Brexit of 31 October. If a deal is agreed by both Parliament and the EU before the new deadline, the UK could leave earlier.

If a deal is not agreed by 31 October, it is still possible that the UK will leave the EU with no deal. Depending on activity in Westminster over the coming months, it is also possible that the UK’s departure could be delayed again. Therefore, we are continuing to prepare for all possible outcomes.

We are using the additional time afforded by the extension to review our preparations and ensure they are as robust as possible.

Before the end of March we contacted the top strategic suppliers (by spend) to the Welsh public sector to identify how prepared they were for Brexit. We have received some returns and this month have been chasing suppliers yet to respond. We have also shared our findings with public sector organisations.

As long as there is a danger of leaving the EU without a deal, we are doing all we can to prepare.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch by emailing: