Brexit: Securing Wales' Future

What we are doing to prepare to leave the EU

Since the UK voted to leave EU on 23 June 2016, we have been working to secure a successful Brexit that promotes the interests of Wales.

Our proposals for a sensible Brexit are based on evidence and putting the needs of the economy and protecting jobs first.

We have been clear and consistent in our 6 priorities:

  • Continued full and unfettered access to the Single Market and participation in a Customs Union to protect the 60% of Welsh exports that go to the EU and to retain and increase job-creating investment.
  • A new migration system that links migration more closely to employment so we can recruit the doctors, nurses, engineers and other workers we need, while protecting employees from exploitation.
  • Wales not to lose a penny of funding due to Brexit as promised during the referendum.
  • A fundamentally different constitutional relationship between the devolved governments and the UK government – based on mutual respect. No clawback of devolved powers to Whitehall.
  • Maintaining the current social and environmental protections, including workers’ rights.
  • The vital importance of a transition period to avoid a ‘cliff edge’.

Through our White Paper – Securing Wales’ Future published in January 2017, and subsequent policy papers on finance, trade, migration, regional investment and devolution, we have published evidence, analysis and detailed proposals for a Brexit works for Wales and the UK. The full documents can be found below.

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