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M4 Corridor around Newport Consultation

This consultation sought your views on the draft Plan to solve transport related problems affecting the M4 Corridor around Newport.
Start of consultation: 23/09/2013
End of consultation: 16/12/2013
Unreliable journey times and traffic congestion, particularly during rush hour, are common occurrences on the M4 around Newport. 

This is due to the lack of capacity and alternative routes, especially during incidents and accidents. 

The Welsh Government is committed to making a change. Building upon the work done in the M4 Corridor Enhancement Measures Consultation, we are now consulting on a draft Plan, which builds on the information we have already gathered and presents you with the opportunity to tell us what you think about our preferred strategy for the M4 around Newport. 

If implemented, the draft Plan would lead to a motorway being built to the south of Newport, reclassification of the existing M4 between Magor and Castleton as a non-motorway, a new link between the M48 and B4245 and provision of cycle and walking friendly infrastructure.

We want as many people as possible to view and comment on our draft Plan and its associated strategic environmental, habitats regulations, health and equality assessments.

To view the Consultation Document and respond to the consultation electronically, please visit the website.
For more information about the draft Plan, please visit the website.