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Draft Statutory Instruments to be made under the Mobile Homes (Wales) Act 2013

The National Assembly for Wales passed the Mobile Homes (Wales) Act 2013 on the 4th November 2013.
Start of consultation: 10/02/2014
End of consultation: 06/05/2014

The Act is due to come into force on 1st October 2014 and a package of regulations is being made to support its implementation. These introduce new procedures for (1) the sale and gifting of mobile homes, (2) pitch fee reviews and (3) the making of site rules.

1. The Mobile Homes (Selling and Gifting) (Wales) Regulations 2014

Currently, when a mobile home owner wants to sell or gift their mobile home they must have the agreement of the site owner. The Mobile Homes (Wales) Act 2013 removes the site owner’s role in approving a sale or gift and the new regulations set the process that should be followed when a home owner wishes to sell or give away their mobile home.

2. The Mobile Homes (Pitch Fees) (Prescribed Form) (Wales) Regulations 2014

These regulations set out the consultation process which must be undertaken when a site owner wishes to change the pitch fees and the forms which must be used as part of that consultation. They also prescribe that the Consumer Price Index rather than the Retail Price Index must be used when reviewing the level of pitch fees.

3. The Mobile Homes (Site Rules) (Wales) Regulations 2014

The Site Rules regulations set out a new procedure that site owners must follow when making or changing site rules. They also propose banning certain site rule which prevent home owners from undertaking certain activities or which give the site owner an unfair advantage or economic benefit. The regulations also prescribe that site owners must consult for a minimum of 28 days with all home owners on the site prior to any site rule change and a form is provided to help them do so.

This consultation seeks views on the draft regulations and the forms contained within them for use by stakeholders upon implementation of the Act.