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Water Strategy for Wales

Give us your views and help to inform our final Strategy, which we intend to publish in 2015.
Start of consultation: 07/04/2014
End of consultation: 04/07/2014

The Strategy’s aim is to ensure that our water resource is resilient, sustainable and is managed to bring benefits to Wales and its citizens.

This Strategy sets out our long-term policy direction on water. We want to balance the long-term needs of the environment with the need for sufficient, reliable water resources and waste water services available to encourage sustainable growth and job creation.

We are developing a more integrated approach to managing water as part of our natural resource management. This integrated approach will help to promote the coordinated management of water, land and resources. This will enable us to maximise economic and social benefits in a fair way while protecting vital ecosystems and the environment.

We want your comments and responses to our specific consultation questions.