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Sustaining a Living Wales

A green paper on a new approach to natural resource management in Wales.
Start of consultation: 30/01/2012
End of consultation: 31/05/2012

Wales' nature, land, water and air are our ultimate resources - the basis on which everything else is possible. If we are to realise our aspirations for better quality of life and future prospects, we need to ensure that that these resources are put to best and most sustainable use.

A Living Wales

In 2010, we consulted on A Living Wales, our new framework for our environment, our countryside and our seas. Our aim is:

to ensure that Wales has increasingly resilient and diverse ecosystems that deliver economic, environmental and social benefits.  

Within this our aims are to:

  • set our priorities to address the risks and opportunities before us;
  • simplify and join-up our approach to managing our natural resources; 
  • provide increasing certainty and clarity for all those who use the environment.

This consultation

The consultation sought your views on proposed changes to the governance and delivery of the management and regulation of the environment in Wales, based on the ecosystem approach. An ecosystem refers to living things, and how they interact with each other and their environment. This work will inform future Welsh Bills.

This is a challenge which will require new thinking. We launched this consultation to find out if there is an appetite for radical change and whether the suggested building blocks we propose are the right ones.

The consultation documents

The following documents are available:

  • The consultation document
  • The underpinning narrative
  • The definitions - What do the technical terms mean?
  • The case studies - Examples of action that is being taken to help ecosystems in Wales    
  • The tools - This describes how we might provide simple tools to help decision making
  • Background documents
  • Consultation Report
  • Executive Summary

Case studies

Case studies are available and video case studies are available on YouTube.

Mapping tools

We are working on tools that use interactive maps to provide information on the environment.

The Biodiversity Planning Toolkit is an online resource aimed at helping users to incorporate biodiversity into the planning and new development.

Visit: Biodiversity Planning Toolkit (external link)

Background documents

The documents produced by the Living Wales Programme are available under our publications page.

You may find the following information useful:

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity’s (TEEB) website has information for Businesses.

Visit: For Business: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (external link)

A sample of the evidence base underpinning the framework is available on the Wales Environment Hub.

Visit: Sample of evidence underpinning the framework: Wales Environment Hub (pdf, external link)