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It is illegal to kill, injure or take a badger, or interfere with a sett.

First published:
15 May 2019
Last updated:

Licences issued by us

We can issue licences for appropriate purposes, so you can work legally. These  licences allow a person to:

  • interfere with badger setts:
    • for any agricultural or forestry operation
    • to maintain or improve existing watercourses or drainage works
    • to construct new works for land drainage, including sea/tidal water defences
    • to control foxes to protect livestock and penned game
  • kill or take badgers or to interfere with their setts to:
    • prevent the spread of disease
    • prevent serious damage to land, crops, poultry or any other form of property.

For further guidance, application form or advice please contact a Wildlife Management Adviser:

Bovine TB

Under the TB Eradication Programme, we issue licences to mark, trap and take badgers. This is to prevent the spread of disease on farms which have a TB chronic breakdown herd. Badgers which test positive for TB are humanely killed.

Licences issued by Natural Resources Wales (NRW)

NRW issues licences for:

  • scientific or educational purposes for the conservation of badgers
  • zoological gardens or collections
  • ringing or marking badgers
  • developments defined under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
  • preservation, or archaeological investigation, of a scheduled monument
  • investigation of alleged offences, or to gather evidence for a court proceeding
  • controlling foxes to protect released game or wildlife.

For application forms and further guidance, please contact 0300 065 3000, or visit Badger licences on the Natural Resources Wales website.