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Includes data by region of domicile, programme type, age group, sector, gender and academic year for May to July 2019.

2018/19 Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 data is now final.

Main points

There were around 17% fewer apprenticeship learning programmes started in 2018/19. The reduction in starts is mainly due to an increased carry over into 2018/19, resulting in less funding available for new starts.

There were 6,360 apprenticeship learning programmes started in 2018/19 Q4 compared to 8,270 in 2017/18 Q4, a decrease of 23%. The number of apprenticeship starts regularly fluctuates from one period to the next.

In 2018/19 Q4, Healthcare and Public Services was the most popular broad sector. 47% of all apprenticeship learning programmes started, compared to 44% in Q4 the previous year. 

In 2018/19 Q4, around 68% of all apprenticeship learning programmes started were by female learners, compared to 65% in Q4 in the previous year.

The Welsh Government has a target for 100,000 apprenticeships over the course of this Assembly (2016-2021). This is assessed using a more rigorous measure which takes account of early drop outs (within first 8 weeks) and transfers between apprenticeship records. Under this measure, 5,685 apprenticeship learning programmes were started in 2018/19 Q4 and 79,595 since the target was introduced.


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