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You can apply for a Tenancy Saver Loan from a credit union if you’ve not been able to pay your rent due to coronavirus.

First published:
7 October 2020
Last updated:

On the 30 June the Welsh Government announced the launch of the Tenancy Hardship Grant which will replace the Tenancy Saver Loan. As of 1 July 2021 no new applications to the Tenancy Saver Loans will be accepted.

Anyone that has been granted a loan under the Tenancy Saver Loan scheme will be contacted by their credit union later in July and arrangements will be made to convert the loan into a grant. Any loan repayments that a tenant has made will be reimbursed.

Loan applications that are being considered or are in the process of being awarded, up to and including 30 June 2021, will continue to be processed but will be converted into a grant once the Tenancy Hardship Grant is in place.