Make sure your news story: 

  • gives users information they can act on (for example, a government grant scheme opening for applications)
  • gives information users would expect to get directly from the organisation rather than through the media (for example, information about how changes to public services affect them as public sector employees)
  • includes information users need and can’t get from other sources
  • is genuine news content
  • adds something to existing content
  • is self-contained; it should be possible to delete it from the site without affecting anything else
  • use for information about events

Do not publish a news story if:

  • it’s mostly about putting the organisation’s views on record (it should probably be a press release or a Cabinet statement)
  • it’s duplicating a press release
  • it’s duplicating another organisation’s news story
  • it’s actually a general purpose content page
  • you’re just promoting the publication of other content (for example, statistics)