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The vision:

A gender equal Wales means an equal sharing of power, resources and influence for all women, men and non-binary people. This is a vision where the government aims to create the conditions for equality of outcome for all.

We want a Wales where:

  • all women can have economic independence and paid and unpaid work is valued
  • diverse women are fairly represented in positions of influence and empowered to play a meaningful role in society
  • all women are free from discrimination and free to live their lives as they choose
  • violence against women, domestic abuse and sexual violence stops
  • existing power structures that disadvantage women are challenged
  • all women, men and non-binary people enjoy equal rights and protections and equality of outcome.

The agreed principles for a feminist Welsh Government are:

A feminist Welsh Government:

  • is committed to equality of outcome for all women, men and non-binary people and actively works to drive cultural and structural change
  • pro-actively works to advance equality and remove the barriers against all women’s participation in the economy, public and social life
  • puts a gender perspective at the heart of decision-making, resource and budget allocation
  • takes an intersectional approach (understanding the way in which characteristics, such as gender, race or class, can interact and produce unique and often multiple experiences and disadvantage) to all of its work and ensures diversity of representation, participation and voice
  • is people-focused and collaborative, ensuring that all communities are meaningfully engaged in its work
  • is open, transparent and accountable and welcomes scrutiny through a gender lens
  • makes use of policy development and analysis tools to embed gender equality into all of its work and actively monitors progress towards equality using a robust evidence base
  • leads by example and supports other public bodies to take action to deliver equality.
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