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UK contracting authorities are required to publish contract notices to a new e-notification service called Find a Tender.

First published:
25 October 2019
Last updated:

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, UK contracting authorities will still be required to publish contract notices and the public procurement regulations will be largely unchanged. However, we may lose access to the online supplement to the Official Journal of the EU and to Tenders Electronic Daily. Therefore, the UK government has amended current legislation to require UK contracting authorities to publish contract notices to a new UK e-notification service called Find a Tender (FTS).

In Wales, public authorities will continue to advertise contract notices on Sell2Wales. Any contracts which would have been above the OJEU threshold and would have been sent onto TED, will be sent to FTS instead. 

If we leave without a deal, Sell2Wales registered suppliers will continue to receive notifications and have access to the published notices. Above threshold notices will also be advertised on FTS (as well as Sell2Wales).

The Cabinet Office has updated their guidance for public authorities, businesses and other organisations on the outcome for public procurement policy in a no deal Brexit scenario – Public sector procurement after a no-deal Brexit on GOV.UK.