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What is this?

  • This “Action Card” provides advice on measures that are likely to be reasonable to take to minimise the risk of coronavirus in adult day activities.  
  • It should be used in conjunction with current Welsh Government regulations and other (more general) guidance


  • This Action Card relates to the measures those responsible for adult day services must take, by law, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Those responsible for these services are required to take reasonable measures to minimise the risk of people being exposed to coronavirus, and spreading the virus.
  • As a basis for deciding what measures should be taken, they must also carry out a specific assessment of the risk posed by the coronavirus.
  • The Action Card highlights risks generally associated with these venues and considers what reasonable measures could to be taken to mitigate those risks.
  • This is not an exhaustive list and other reasonable measures not referred to below may be appropriate. 
  • If you have questions or concerns please seek advice from your local authority’s environmental health department as soon as possible. Please be aware and respectful of the fact that their role is to ensure that appropriate reasonable measures are taken so that your venue can operate as safely as possible. However, it is not their role to approve your risk assessment.

Specific risks in these settings

The risks associated with adult day activities could vary depending on the venue/premises and activities provided. There is an increased risk of operating within close distances of others, so it is imperative these activities are operated within the context of an ongoing pandemic.
Whilst risks will vary from venue to venue, and will depend on the activities being undertaken at the venue and the number of people present, the following risks may be typical:

  • The close nature of the activities may mean physical distancing is not always possible;
  • Staff may be face-to-face with customers and will be in close proximity when carrying out activities, which does represent a risk if a person is infectious;
  • Service users and staff members being indoors for extended periods of time.
  • In some cases, shared transport may be utilised when commuting to activities.  Shared transport is permitted, however those doing so should refer to the latest Welsh Government guidance.

What reasonable measures should I consider taking to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus?

  1. No-one, including staff, volunteers, visitors, clients, or carers, who are symptomatic, have tested positive, are awaiting the result of a test, must attend the activity and must strictly follow the self-isolation guidance. Fully vaccinated adults and children & young people under the age of 18 are not required to self-isolate if they have been identified as a close-contact of somebody with coronavirus. However, adults that are yet to be fully vaccinated will need to continue to complete the 10 days isolation period. Extra safeguards must be put in place for staff working at day centres, including a risk assessment and daily lateral flow tests. 
  2. Anyone who becomes unwell or symptomatic while attending the setting should leave immediately and follow the advice on Test, Trace, Protect, including arranging a test. 
  3. Staffing arrangements should be kept as stable as possible and all attendees at the setting should maintain a 2m distance from each other where possible. In the case of staff, every effort should be made for members of staff to maintain a 2m distance from each other at all times.
  4. Some people may require additional support or adjustments to follow Covid safety requirements. 
  5. Prevent the sharing of food, drink, utensils, and equipment;
  6. Ensure regular cleaning is undertaken and that effective personal hygiene procedures, especially frequent handwashing by everyone attending, are followed. 
  7. Actively encourage everyone attending to report any positive tests to you directly.

All staff and volunteers should undertake a twice weekly LFD test at home before they come to work, 3 or 4 days apart.  Anyone with a positive LFD test should isolate and seek a follow up PCR test within 24 hours.  Service users do not need to be routinely tested in order to attend.


You have a legal obligation to provide information to those entering or working at your premises about how to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus. This includes, in particular, information to all those present about their risk of exposure to coronavirus identified in the risk assessment and the measures to be taken at the premises to minimise this risk.

This could include announcements, clear signage (e.g. signs, floor tape or paint) for limits on the number people present in a particular area or vehicle, queuing systems and one way systems. 

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