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Welsh Government responsibilities

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The Welsh Government is responsible for many areas of our daily life in Wales.

These areas include:

  • education
  • health
  • local government
  • transport
  • planning
  • economic development
  • social services
  • culture
  • Welsh language
  • environment
  • agriculture and rural affairs.

The role of the Welsh Government is to:

  • make decisions on matters regarding these areas, for Wales as a whole
  • develop policies and implement them
  • propose Welsh laws (Assembly Bills).

The Welsh Government has a budget of more than £15 bn, of which more than £5 bn goes to the NHS in Wales and more than £4 bn directly to local authorities which deliver many other services.

The UK Government is still responsible for certain public services in Wales, for example, police, prisons and the justice system. Matters such as tax and benefits, defence, national security and foreign affairs are also dealt with by the UK Government.