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Relationship with local councils

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Local Government in Wales consists of county and county borough councils; police, national park, and fire and rescue authorities; and town and community councils.
Most local government-related policies and responsibilities, from education to planning, or social services to housing, are devolved to the Welsh Government.

The Welsh Government sets the national priorities, strategic context and overall level of funding for services. It is then the responsibility of the 22 councils to deliver these services on a local level within the national context.

Nearly a third of the Welsh Government's budget is spent through local authorities reflecting the importance of local services. Good governance to ensure effective, efficient delivery is therefore crucial.

Local government retains a significant degree of autonomy and flexibility, which allows local authorities to respond to local needs and reflect local priorities.

The Welsh Government and local government in Wales are committed to working together in partnership within an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. At both national and local level in Wales, there is recognition of the value and legitimacy of the roles that both has to play in the governance of Wales.