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Memorandum of understanding

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This sets out the principles of co-operation between the UK government and the devolved administrations.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreed between the UK government, the Welsh Government and the other devolved administrations (in Northern Ireland and Scotland) sets out the broad terms for how the 4 governments will work together on matters of mutual interest.

The MoU, which is not legally binding, establishes the Joint Ministerial Committee as a forum for consultation, discussion and dealing with disputes. It sets out procedures for avoiding and resolving inter-governmental disputes and contains overarching agreements (concordats) on:

  • co-ordination of European Union policy issues
  • financial assistance to industry
  • international relations.

The MoU applies equally to the UK government and the 3 devolved administrations. It is supplemented by agreements between each of the devolved administrations and individual UK government departments, known as bilateral concordats.