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Information management and governance policy

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This policy sets out the requirements, roles and responsibilities for ensuring compliance with the legislation and benefits of good recordkeeping practices.

Compliance enables the Welsh Government to meet its business needs, accountability and governance requirements and protects the interests of the Welsh Government and the rights of employees and the community.

This policy applies to all personnel carrying out work on behalf of the Welsh Government. This includes permanent and temporary staff, secondees, consultants, contractors and subcontractors.

Some Welsh Government records are selected to be permanently preserved at the National Archives (TNA).  Once transferred to TNA, these records are made publicly available and are listed on their on-line catalogue.

Under the Public Records Act 1958 the Welsh Government is required to transfer its historical records to the National Archives. An annual Records Transfer Return is completed to identify how much material will be transferred each year which is published on the National Archive's website.

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