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Written Statement - The Minister’s decision following the ‘Further review of the exceptions to regulations regarding the maximum length of fishing boats in the 0 6nm zone’

Alun Davies, Minister for Natural Resources and Food

My Written Statements of 18 July and 9 September 2013 explained my intention to consult further on this matter and then to reach a decision on it early this year.  We received 914 responses to the consultation which closed on 1 December.

I have given serious consideration to the wide range of issues raised in those responses, with particular regard to the aim of ‘ensuring equality in relation to the regulation of fishing vessels operating in Wales’. I have decided to proceed with the proposal to remove the Historic Access Rights for the 0-6 Nautical Mile area of Welsh Waters as soon as possible.

I will present the necessary draft Order as soon as possible.  It will then need to be notified to the European Commission in accordance with the Technical Standards Directive (Directive 98/34/EC) (“TSD”), and a three month standstill period will need to be observed before it can come into force.