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Written Statement - Shaping a more Prosperous and Resilient Future

Alun Davies AM, Minister for Natural Resources and Food

Today I am publishing a forward look of my priorities to set out the policy and strategic direction for my department (see annex).

The priorities paper Shaping a more Prosperous and Resilient Future, will achieve three outcomes.  Firstly, it sets out how my department will contribute to the overall objectives, visions and ambitions of this government.  Secondly, it confirms how I expect to deliver and, where possible, exceed the targets set by the Programme for Government. And thirdly, it will set out a clear roadmap of initiatives against which I can be held to account over the coming year. Taken together, the paper outlines the work of my department and establishes a clear framework by which to measure our delivery and our achievements.

Shaping a more Prosperous and Resilient Future sets out the immediate steps my department is taking to make this happen.