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Written Statement - Final Police Settlement 2017-18

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Mark Drakeford, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government

Further to my announcement of the Provisional Police Settlement in December, I am today laying before the Assembly the Local Government Finance Report (No.2) 2017-18 (Final Settlement – Police and Crime Commissioners). This sets out the Welsh Government’s component of the Final Police Settlement for police forces in Wales for 2017-18. It follows the completion of the consultation on the Provisional Settlement, and today’s announcement made by the Home Office on the final Police Grant allocations for policing bodies in England and Wales.

A common needs-based formula, operated by the Home Office, is used to distribute funding across English and Welsh police forces, and the approach to setting and distributing the Welsh Government component of police funding provision is based on a principle of ensuring consistency and fairness across England and Wales.  

As announced in the Provisional Police Settlement, the Home Office has overlaid its needs-based formula with a floor mechanism.  This ensures all police forces in England and Wales in 2017-18 will receive the same percentage reduction of 1.4% in their core revenue funding when compared on a like-for-like basis with 2016-17.  

The figures are summarised in Tables 1 to 3 of this Statement, and are unchanged from the Provisional Settlement. Total revenue support for Welsh police forces in 2017-18 is £349.9 million. Of this, the Welsh Government is providing £138.7 million as unhypothecated Revenue Support Grant and Non Domestic Rates.

The Local Government Finance Report is scheduled for debate in the Assembly on 14 February.

This information is also published on the Welsh Government’s website at:

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