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Written Statement -The Local Government (Performance Indicators) (Wales) Order 2012

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Welsh Ministers have the power to set statutory performance indicators for local authorities in Wales under section 8 of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009.
Mark Drakeford, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government
 In March 2016, we consulted on a proposal to revoke the Local Government (Performance Indicators) (Wales) Order 2012.  After consideration of the matter and the responses to the consultation, I have decided to proceed with revoking the Order.  

Revoking the Order will remove the duty on local authorities to collect a set of 25 specified National Strategic Indicators.  Revocation will not reduce the amount of information available as a basis for assessing the performance of local authorities.  It will simply remove the statutory requirement to collect certain prescribed indicators and means that the collection of data can be more responsive to changing needs.

I am pleased to publish today a summary report of the responses to the consultation.  I thank respondents for their comments.