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We are planning a new section of the A487 north of Machynlleth, including a new bridge across the River Dyfi.

First published:
19 May 2017
Last updated:


Project status: planned
Start date: summer 2020
Road open: summer 2022
Early contractor involvement contract: Alun Griffiths (Contracting) Ltd

Why we are doing it

The Pont-ar-Ddyfi bridge was not designed to carry the current volume of traffic, and so is a pinch point on the A487. The road is also often closed due to frequent flooding causing traffic to take a diversion of up to 30 miles.

The existing bridge is Grade II* listed and a Scheduled Ancient Monument so we are restricted in what alterations we can make.

Our objectives are to:

  • improve crossing the River Dyfi
  • improve access to key services: employment opportunities, healthcare and education
  • ensure Machynlleth remains a vibrant centre of the community
  • preserve historic elements
  • aim to reduce the number and severity of collisions on the A487
  • to ensure the flooding risk are reduced
  • to increase safe, walking and cycling opportunities

We will minimise the impact of these improvements on the landscape, biodiversity, water resources and heritage of the area.

Current progress

We have undertaken studies which have considered both improvements to the existing road and bridge, and also the option of constructing a new road and bridge off the line of the existing road.

If the Pont-ar-Ddyfi were to remain part of the A487 we would need to strengthen and widen the bridge, which would significantly change the historic bridge and cause major disruptions during the works.

We found from the studies that a new road crossing the river upstream of the existing bridge was a better solution.

We have published the assessment and the sustainable development report.

Ministerial approval has been given to publish the orders for the scheme. Those involved in the project’s development will receive information on the decision made.

The plan

We plan to build a new single carriageway road joining the existing A487 south east of Pont-ar-Ddyfi. The new road would cross the River Dyfi approximately 480m upstream of the existing bridge. This new stretch of road would become the A487, with the existing road north of the bridge becoming the A493. The A493 and the existing A487 south of the Pont-ar-Ddyfi would no longer be a Welsh Government road and so would be maintained by local authorities.

New Dyfi Bridge

New Dyfi Bridge


Publication of draft orders and environmental statement: autumn 2017
Orders exhibition: autumn 2017
Publication of orders: early 2020
Start date: summer 2020
Road open: summer 2022

Next steps

There will be a period of around 4 months between the issuing of the orders and any works taking place on site. It may be possible to start works on site within this 4 month period if local agreements can be reached.

If you have any concerns or questions, contact Mandy Evans on 0330 041 2185 or email