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We want to improve journey times, safety and reduce pollution.

First published:
10 January 2018
Last updated:

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Project status: planned
Region/county: north/south corridor
Start date: autumn 2017
End date: early 2023
Cost: £50m
Contractors: to be appointed
Registered with considerate constructors scheme: not yet

Current progress

We have undertaken a WelTAG Stage 1 appraisal that identified a short list of options. Consultation on these options will conclude in May 2019.

We are following the Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance (WelTAG) process.

In 2007 the Welsh Government protected a route through Llandeilo via a TR111 notice. This notice safeguards a corridor of land to prevent any development along it. Whilst this notice is still in place it has no bearing on the current WelTAG process.


Award of consultant: winter 2018
WelTAG stage 1: spring 2018 to spring 2019
WelTAG stage 2: spring 2019 to winter 2019
WelTAG stage 3: winter 2019 to summer 2020
Preliminary design and preparation of orders: summer 2020 to spring 2021
Public inquiry: spring 2021
Contractor procurement: summer 2021 to autumn 2021
Detailed design and construction: around 24 months
Construction: around 24 months

Next steps

The completion of stage 2 will be subject to review and acceptance by a review group. This is expected to be early 2020.

How we are consulting

We want to hear your views on the route options we have proposed.

We will hold public forums at the end of each WelTAG stage.

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