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We want to make improvements between the Penblewin roundabout and Redstone Cross on the A40.

First published:
26 July 2019
Last updated:


Project status: planned
Region: Pembrokeshire, south west Wales
Start date: summer 2021
End date: late 2022
Cost: £20m
Designers: Arup with Environmental Design provided by RML
WelTAG: Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance (WelTAG) combined stage 1 and 2 study: complete. Stage 3 study: being undertaken.

Why we are doing it

The A40 between St Clears and Haverfordwest is mainly a single carriageway.

We identified in the A40 West of St Clears Study that there was a need for this scheme. We revisited and updated the study in 2015 to confirm that we should go ahead with this project.

The identified problems are:

  • the A40 mainline and Redstone Cross Junction is substandard
  • limited overtaking opportunities lead to poor journey time reliability and driver frustration
  • occasional convoys of heavy goods vehicles from the ferry ports and slow moving agricultural vehicles make things worse
  • spikes in traffic volume especially during the summer months leads to slow moving traffic 
  • there are side road junctions and direct accesses to properties and agricultural fields which contribute to operational problems along the road
  • a mix of traffic types using the road can cause drivers to make risky manoeuvres and collision incidents happen
  • a lack of public transport in this area means there is a dependence on cars to commute

Current progress

A Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance (WelTAG) combined stage 1 and 2 study has been undertaken and a Stage 3 study is currently being conducted. The scheme problems and objectives have been identified, reviewed and appraised. The problems are compatible with those from the A40 Llanddewi Velfrey to Penblewin improvements, which have been agreed with the review group. The group is made up of Welsh Government, Arcadis, Arup supported by RML and Pembrokeshire County Council the local authority.

WelTAG embeds the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and considers economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts.

A stakeholder engagement and public consultation exercise was held between July 2019 and September 2019 and sought views on the proposed improvements on the A40. Following completion of the public consultation the preferred route for improvements between Penblewin Roundabout and Redstone Cross on the A40 was announced.

Following the preferred route announcement the outline design and detailed environmental impact assessment have been completed. This has helped us identify the land required to build the scheme.


Publish preferred route: autumn 2019
Publish Draft Orders: summer 2020
Statutory process: summer 2020 to late 2020
Potential Public Inquiry (if required): late 2020
Procurement of contractor: summer 2021 
Construction starts: autumn 2021
Construction ends: late 2022

Next steps

Draft orders exhibitions will be held in August 2020 following publication of the draft orders in July 2020. Details will be published with the draft orders.

How we are consulting

We held two series of public information exhibitions for A40 Penblewin to Redstone Cross Improvements in April in Llanddewi Velfrey Village Hall and May at Bloomfield House, Narberth, in order to look at proposals. Attendees were invited to complete questionnaires at each exhibition.

We held a public consultation which ran between July 2019 and September 2019.

We held a further public information exhibition on 16 December at Queens Hall, Narberth.

Find out more

If you have any concerns or queries you can contact Martin Gallimore, Arup’s Public Liaison Officer, directly on 07923 887119 or alternatively email:

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