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Pethau Bychain - do the ‘little things' in Welsh

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Opportunities to share and promote simple ideas we can all do to increase the use of Welsh in our daily lives.

We want to see the Welsh language thrive. Therefore, we are developing new approaches to promote greater use of the language. One of the key elements of this is a new long-term behaviour change campaign called #PethauBychain.

The campaign is inspired by a famous phrase from our patron saint, St David - 'Gwnewch y pethau bychain. Do the little things'. The campaign aims to encourage people across the country to share suggestions on how we can all make small changes to increase the everyday use of Cymraeg.

Live, learn and enjoy in Cymraeg

There are many different ways that you can support #PethauBychain.


Different ways to use the language in your everyday lives can include:

  • Texting and using social media in Welsh
  • Choosing the Cymraeg option when withdrawing money at a cashpoint
  • Changing the settings on your phone, tablet or computer to Cymraeg (Welsh)


You can improve the language skills of you/your family by:

  • Choosing Welsh or bilingual education for your child
  • Taking a refresher course in written or spoken Welsh
  • Wearing a Cymraeg badge to show customers that a bilingual service is available


Celebrate Cymraeg everyday by:

  • Visiting one of the many Welsh language festivals across the country
  • Downloading or purchasing a new Cymraeg novel or app?
  • Supporting Welsh businesses - buy Welsh goods and produce for your home.
Visit the Cymraeg website to learn more about how to Live, Learn and enjoy the Welsh language. This bi-lingual website, created by the Welsh Government supports and promotes the use of the Welsh language.

Social media

By using the hashtag #PethauBychain, you can show your support for the campaign on the following channels:

Join in by downloading you own #PethauBychain Selfie Board or Suggestion Board.

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