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A living language: a language for living – Moving forward

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This Strategy is a historic milestone in Welsh-medium education and sets our national strategic direction.
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This policy statement builds on the foundations of our strategy, A living language: a language for living, and sets out our policy objectives for the Welsh language for the next three years.

It incorporates many of the suggestions raised during Gynhadledd Fawr.  It also takes into consideration various reviews and reports commissioned on the Welsh language over the last 2 years.

The policy statement aims to:

  • make the language a normal part of every day life
  • challenge ourselves as a Government, the wider public sector, business, the third sector and individuals to promote the language
  • change linguistic habits using behaviour change techniques from other fields
  • encourage organisations to take more responsibility for the language, plan better and more strategically, and invest in the language
  • increase our investment in the bodies that promote use of Welsh in the community
  • recognise that developing the language goes hand in hand with economic development, and investing specific programmes to support that
  • to ensure the Welsh language is an integral part of technological and digital developments.