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A living language: a language for living - Welsh language strategy 2012 to 2017

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A conversation about the future of the Welsh language.

This is the strategy for the promotion and facilitation of the use of Welsh language in everyday life.

Our vision is to see the Welsh language thriving in Wales. To achieve that, the strategy aims to see an increase in the number of people who both speak and use the language. Our six aims are:

  • to encourage and support the use of the Welsh language within families
  • to increase the provision of Welsh-medium activities for children and young people and to increase their awareness of the value of the language
  • to strengthen the position of the Welsh language in the community
  • to increase opportunities for people to use Welsh in the workplace
  • to improve Welsh language services to citizens
  • to strengthen the infrastructure for the language, including digital technology.

The strategy also emphasises the importance of our Welsh-medium Education Strategy as an essential component in producing the Welsh speakers of the future - alongside encouraging the use of the language in families.

The document can be downloaded via the publications page.