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Draft orders

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This Interim Advice Note provides instructions for assessing the visual impact of highway projects.
This Scheme authorises the construction of a new length of M4 motorway to the south of Newport which commences from the existing M4 motorway at Magor through to the existing M4 motorway at Castleton.
The Welsh Ministers are considering implementing a project for the construction of a new section of M4 motorway to the south of Newport to include online and off line works and side road improvements.
This Order provides for new lengths of trunk road required for the scheme.
This Scheme  supplements the M4 Motorway (Junction 23 to West of Junction 29 and Connecting Roads) and The M48 Motorway (Junction 23 Connecting Road) Scheme 201-
This Scheme will reduce the width of the navigable waterway known as Junction Cut within Newport Docks as specified in Schedule 3 to the Main Scheme to a minimum of 11 metres.
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Orders are the powers to establish the line of the new road, modify the side roads, purchase land and put in place any other rights needed to deliver the scheme.

We published the orders in draft to provide you or your organisation with the opportunity to object to or support them.

The draft orders include:

  • Draft compulsory purchase order: which provides us with the legal powers to acquire the land needed to build the road.
  • Draft scheme order: which provides us with the power to build a new 3-lane motorway between Magor and Castleton to the south of Newport, the slip roads and the connecting roads. It also gives the powers to build bridges over waterways.
  • Draft scheme variation order: which provides us with the power to reclassify the existing M4 between Magor and Castleton, and the A48(M) between Castleton and St Mellons, so that these are no longer motorways but would continue to be trunk roads.
  • Draft line order: which provides us with the powers to build a new length of trunk road.
  • Draft side roads order: which provides us with the power to stop up (close), improve, alter or provide new lengths of road, footpaths, cycle routes, byways, bridleways and private accesses.
  • Section 19 certificates: which provides us with the powers to replace Common Land and allotments.

In September 2016, December 2016 and March 2017 we published supplementary draft Orders for some changes to the Scheme, including most recently a proposed additional eastbound offslip in the vicinity of Magor services.

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Statement of reasons (File size: 651KB)
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Supplementary Scheme (File size: 88.5 KB)
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Explanatory statement (File size: 635KB)
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Non-Technical Summary (File size: 217KB)
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Site plan 14 (File size: 4.28MB)
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Section 19 Certificate Map (File size: 1.15MB)