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Public transport

A new Swansea bus.
Improving the transport system is critical to our goal of raising the quality of life for the people of Wales.

Transport provides the lifeblood of our economy, enabling people and goods to move freely. It also has a vital role in bringing forward our social justice agenda, by helping people to access services and opportunities. And, with its impact on the environment, transport is at the heart of our commitment to sustainable development.

What we want to achieve

We want to develop a Transport Strategy which maximises the contribution of transport right across the economic, social and environmental agenda. Transport will then help to deliver our vision of a sustainable future for Wales. For example, we want to ensure that our transport system:

  • enables people to access healthcare, education, employment, shopping and leisure facilities
  • supports economic growth through improved links and more reliable journey times
  • promote healthy lifestyles through enhanced walking and cycling facilities
  • reduces environmental impacts, particularly in relation to climate change

Main themes of our strategy

We have identified 3 main themes which we believe are important in taking forward the Wales Transport Strategy:

  • to achieve a more effective and efficient transport system, for example, by making the best possible use of our network
  • to achieve greater use of the more sustainable and healthy forms of travel, for example, by promoting car sharing, public transport and walking and cycling
  • to minimise the need for travel, for example, by encouraging the development of home working