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Digital inclusion

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The programme builds on two previous digital inclusion initiatives (Communities@One and Communities 2.0) but adopts a more indirect delivery approach.
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Our work on digital inclusion is strongly linked to our Tackling Poverty and Economic priorities.

We support the people most likely to be digitally excluded. The National Survey for Wales: 2014-15 confirmed that 19% (approximately 473,959) of the Welsh adult population (aged 18 or over) do not regularly use the internet.

Digital Communities Wales is our new digital inclusion programme. It replaces and builds upon Communities 2.0. Key requirements of the new programme include:

  • working with organisations to help support 15,000 digitally excluded people engage with technology each year
  • provide training and support to 400 organisations across the private, public and third sectors every year on how to engage people with technology
  • assist 500 people each year to overcome their ICT barriers and enhance their employability
  • encourage and support organisations to recruit and utilise 500 volunteers to help support people to get online, working closely with volunteer centres and other volunteering networks.

Digital Inclusion Strategic Framework for Wales and Delivery Plan

The Digital Inclusion Strategic Framework for Wales and Delivery Plan sets out our ongoing commitment to providing the strategic leadership to help tackle digital exclusion. It reflects the challenges Welsh Government and its partners continue to face in encouraging more people to gain maximum benefit from the life changing opportunities digital technologies offer.

The Plan sets out our aims to further reduce digital exclusion levels amongst our priority groups by 2017, so that everyone, who wants to be, is fully benefitting from digital technologies by 2020.

Get involved

Contact Digital Inclusion Unit at DigitalInclusionMailbox@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK.