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Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales

Professor Julie Williams, Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales

Professor Julie Williams, the Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales, advises the Welsh Government on scientific issues across departments.

Professor Williams is a leading researcher into Alzheimer's Disease.

She is head of the Neurodegeneration section of the Medical Research Council Centre on Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics; and  a former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Alzheimer’s Research Trust. She was born in Merthyr and studied psychology at Cardiff University.

Professor John Harries was the first Chief Scientific Adviser for Wales from 01 May 2010 until April 2013, when he retired. During his time in the post, 'Science for Wales' was published.

The role of the Chief Scientific Adviser:

  • to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics, known as the STEM subjects
  • lead the scientific effort within the Welsh Government
  • review scientific advice provided to the Welsh Government
  • engage with the wider scientific community
  • bring together businesses, the Welsh Government and universities for their mutual benefit and to expand our economy
  • work with the Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) and Departmental Chief Scientific Advisers in the UK Government
  • act as Head of Profession for science and technology staff in Wales and particularly in the Welsh Government.