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Technical Advice Notes

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Planning Policy Wales, MTANs and circulars should be taken into account by mineral planning authorities in Wales when preparing development plans. This guidance will usually be significant to decisions on individual planning applications and mineral review applications. It will be taken into account by the Welsh Ministers and Planning Inspectors when determining called-in planning applications and appeals.

Each Technical Advice Note (TAN) provides detailed planning advice on a different subject.

These Technical Advice Notes should be taken into account by local planning authorities when they are preparing development plans. They should be read along with the Planning Policy Wales document which sets out our land use planning policies.

It should also be read with Ministerial Interim Planning Policy Statements (MIPPS) and any circulars.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 1: Joint Housing Land Availability Studies (2015)

This TAN provides guidance on the preparation of Joint Housing Land Availability Studies.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 2: Planning And Affordable Housing (2006)

Land use planning is one of the mechanisms that can be used to provide affordable housing. The purpose of this Technical Advice Note is to provide practical guidance on the role of the planning system in delivering such housing.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 3: Simplified Planning Zones (1996)

Sets out the procedures that should be followed when designating Simplified Planning Zones.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 4: Retailing and Town Centres (1996)

Describes the retail planning information that should be collected, the role of impact assessments and the need to notify major retail developments.

Technical Advice Note 5, Nature Conservation and Planning (2009)

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 5 provides advice about how the land use planning system should contribute to protecting and enhancing biodiversity and geological conservation.

Technical Advice Note 6 – Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities (2010)

Practical guidance on how the planning system can support sustainable rural communities.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 7: Outdoor Advertisement Control (1996)

Describes how outdoor advertisements may be controlled to protect amenity and public safety.
Technical Advice Note (TAN) 8: Renewable Energy (2005)

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 8: renewable energy (2005)

Guidance on land use planning with relation to renewable energy.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 9: Enforcement of Planning Control (1997)

Advice on the enforcement of planning control in situations where unauthorised development has occurred.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 10: Tree Preservation Orders (1997)

Advice on considering the scope of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), the work that can be carried out on protected trees, and consideration of need for TPOs.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 11: Noise (1997)

Advice on how the planning system can be used to minimise the adverse impact of noise without placing unreasonable restrictions on development.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 12: Design (2016)

TAN 12 provides advice on good design.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 13: Tourism (1997)

Advice on tourism related issues in planning, including occupancy conditions, caravans and chalets development, and other related advice.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 14: Coastal Planning (1998)

Advice on key issues relating to planning for the coastal zone, including recreation and heritage and shoreline management plans.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 15: Development and Flood Risk (2004)

TAN 15 provides technical guidance which supplements the policy set out in Planning Policy Wales in relation to development and flooding.
Technical Advice Note 16: Sport, Recreation and Open Space

Technical Advice Note 16: Sport, Recreation and Open Space (2009)

This revised TAN provides advice for communities, developers and local planning authorities in Wales preparing local development plans and taking decisions about planning applications.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 18: Transport (2007)

Describes how to integrate land use and transport planning. Explains how transport impacts should be assessed and mitigated.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 19: Telecommunications (2002)

Outlines the planning procedures that should be followed when assessing telecommunications proposals.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 20: Planning and the Welsh Language (2013)

Advice on the consideration of the Welsh language as part of the Local Development Plan making process.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 21: Waste (2014)

Technical advice on the role of land use planning in the management and control of waste.

Technical Advice Note (TAN) 23: Economic Development (2014)

This technical guidance is to help local planning authorities and developers implement national planning policy on economic development.