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Planning applications

A new online service “Planning Applications Wales”, will be launched in April or May 2018, to enable users to apply for planning permission and associated consents.

Use the Planning Portal (external link) to apply for planning permission and associated consents, whilst the new service is under construction.

The new service will be a platform for planning applications and associated consents, only. Guidance and information on permitted development, the planning service and building regulations will be made available on this website.

Interactive House

The Interactive House for Wales is based on technology that is obsolete, and not compatible with mobile devices, and the version for Wales is to be discontinued. However, equivalent guidance on permitted development will be made available on the Welsh Government’s website.

Disruption to, or loss of, service

The new service will use the same technical architecture as the current Planning Portal. There should be no change whatsoever to the way Local Planning Authority’s back office connectors interact to download and retrieve application data.  

We will be reducing the question sets for some little used form sections, and we will provide greater detail on these changes. These changes are being made whilst avoiding any effect on the way planning applications are processed.

As we develop the new site, we will continually test the service to ensure it is fit for purpose before launch. We will ensure a smooth transition to the new service, over a period of low service demand. Users should experience no disruption.

User profiles

Currently, we are planning to use the existing database for Planning Portal users. This means users will not need to re-register to make use of the new service.  

Users may be required to confirm user login details before beginning or resuming work on applications, although this is related to the need to comply with the emerging General Data Protection Regulations rather than to the creation of the new service.  

Existing planning application drafts 

Existing planning application drafts will be available on the new service.

Waiting to start work on a planning application

There’s no need to pause work on planning applications or change your working practices in any way.  Once the new service launches, it will automatically make your Wales-based applications available.  Any applications in draft for England will continue to be available on the Planning Portal.

Preparing and submitting applications in Wales via the Planning Portal, and vice versa

In the future the Planning Portal will cease to host Welsh forms, and will not enable applications direct to LPAs in Wales. The Welsh planning application service will be a separate, Wales-specific service.

It will be possible to switch between the two fairly simply, although you will have to log in each time, for security purposes.  

Local Planning Authorities

So far we have avoided any change in service to Local Planning Authorities and we continue to pursue this approach.