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Help for families

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This service helps families to stay together by encouraging them to take positive steps to improve their lives
Reducing poverty, particularly persistent poverty, in some of our poorest areas and communities is at the centre of the Welsh Government’s policy agenda.
FIS provide information and advice on local services for 0-25 year olds, from childcare to holiday activities.

It is important that children in Wales are brought up in a secure, loving home. That is why we fund a number of schemes that offer help to families - particularly those in most need. You can find out about these schemes from this page.

Flying Start

Flying Start is targeted at 0-3 year olds in the most disadvantaged communities in Wales. It aims to create positive outcomes in the medium and long term. It is a prescriptive programme, based on international evidence of what works.

Integrated Family Support Services (IFSS)

The IFSS model is a collaborative Welsh Government policy to respond to concerns that existing services are not sufficiently meeting the needs of some children and families with complex problems. It aims to reform services provided to vulnerable children and families in Wales.

Early Support Programme

The Early Support Programme sets out to ensure that services used by young disabled children and their families are better co-ordinated. The services will support families by providing them with the information they need at the time that they need it.

Child Trust Fund Cymru

As part of our overall strategy to tackle child poverty, our Welsh premium to the Child Trust Fund will help to boost the savings of children in Wales and improve opportunities later in life.

FamilyPoint Cymru

FamilyPoint Cymru (external link) is a bilingual news hub, helpline and information source for parents, carers and those responsible for a child or young person in Wales. It supports professionals and families, in particular those in need of financial and practical assistance, and directs them to appropriate local, regional, and national services. 

The Welsh Government has awarded funding, through the Children and Families Delivery Grant, to support the development of FamilyPoint Cymru.