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Outcome Agreements

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A New Understanding outlines the roles and responsibilities of the assembly and local government.

Outcome agreements seek to build on the strengths of the Improvement Agreements, which ended in March 2010 as well as the lessons learnt from their implementation and evaluation.

Outcome Agreements exist between each individual local authority and the Welsh Government and will last for three years, ending in March 2013. They contain ten over-arching strategic themes originally taken from the One Wales document, and, where possible, reflect an authority’s existing or identified improvement objectives.

They should:

  • Provide an outcome-focused approach to local and national performance management, that is clearly aligned to the Assembly Government’s strategic priorities but retain a local focus;
  • Set a more effective accountability framework by incentivising improvement and the delivery of quality local outcomes;
  • Streamline and strengthen relationships between the Welsh Government and local government, reducing the administrative overhead and facilitating the delivery of efficiency savings

The Outcome Agreements are linked to a pro-rata grant, which will be paid to an authority according to the level to which it has achieved the outcomes in its Agreement.

For any general queries in relation to Outcome Agreements please e-mail

Local Authority Outcome Agreements

The Outcome Agreement prospectus details how local authorities and the Welsh Government should work together to develop and subsequently monitor these Agreements.

Summaries of the Outcome Agreements

Summaries of the Outcome Agreements, which include the main collaborative partners and high level results, are available below.