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Emergency Financial Assistance Scheme

The Emergency Financial Assistance Scheme (formerly known as the Bellwin Scheme) is a discretionary scheme which exists to give special financial assistance to local authorities (including police and fire and rescue authorities) who would otherwise be faced with undue financial burden as a result of providing relief and carrying out immediate work in response to large scale emergencies.

The scheme addresses revenue costs only and eligible costs are subject to a threshold which is set at 0.2% of the revenue budget in each authority. This is in recognition of the fact that local authorities are expected to make contingency provision for such events in their budgets.

There is no automatic entitlement to emergency financial assistance. Under section 155 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, the Welsh  Government is empowered to decide whether or not to activate a scheme after considering the circumstances of each individual case

The guidance notes and the threshold limits set out the terms under which the Welsh Government would usually make available financial assistance to local authorities pursuant to a scheme being established.

For any further information on the scheme please contact the Local Government Finance team on 029 2082 3619 or email