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Size of Wales

Tree Planting Bicycles

A unique Welsh scheme co-funded by the Welsh Government to sustain an area of tropical forest the size of Wales as part of our national response to climate change.

The Mbale Tree Planting Project is part of the Size of Wales initiative. It is being delivered by 4 local NGO's and a social enterprise in the Mbale region of Uganda.

The initial aim of the project was to plant and tend to 1 million trees in highly deforested areas of Uganda to help restore soil stabilisation. In January 2014 this target was reached and the project was extended to planting 10 million trees.

The 10 Million Tree project is helping 5 coffee co-operatives to grow shade trees to protect coffee crops, supporting over 30 villages to establish tree nurseries, and working with over 1,600 families.

In 2011 the project was recognised by the UN as 1 of 10 lighthouse projects from around the world.  For more information visit Size of Wales (external website).


In 2008 the Welsh Government made a pledge to plant a tree for every child born or adopted in Wales. From 1st April 2014 the commitment was extended to plant an additional tree in Uganda for every child.

Fruit trees are being planted in the gardens of family homes in Mbale, Uganda. These trees help local communities by providing them with sustainable supplies of food and shelter, as well as a source of income.

Find out more about the Plant! scheme.