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Fair Trade

coffee harvesting

Fair Trade ensures farmers, growers and producers receive at least a minimum fair price for their produce.

This enables them to plan ahead and it helps to re-balance a trade system that is stacked against the producer.

By choosing Fair Trade, consumers are supporting disadvantaged producers from some of the world's poorest countries - giving them a fair deal for their goods.

The Welsh Government is committed to supporting Fair Trade. We promise to:

  • use and promote Fairtrade products internally
  • actively promote Fairtrade Fortnight
  • highlight Fair Trade as a workable alternative trade model, demonstrating support for Trade Justice Worldwide
  • produce an annual public report on the progress of the Fair Trade country campaign including awareness of Fair Trade and sale of Fair Trade goods
  • provide financial support for promotion and development of Fairtrade products
  • produce procurement guidance favourable to procurement of Fairtrade products
  • promote Fair Trade through trade agreements, MOAs, etc.
  • provide specific resources to develop new and existing Fair Trade business

Fair Trade Wales is hosted by Hub Cymru Africa.

Visit Fair Trade Wales (external website).