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Wales and the European Union

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The EU brings real benefits to Wales – through the single market and over £500m of EU funds annually.
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The Welsh Government actively protects and promotes the interests of Wales at European Union (EU) level by working closely with the UK Government and  EU institutions.

As the Member State, the UK Government takes the lead in negotiations at EU level. It must consult with the Devolved Administrations to ensure that their views are taken into account when developing the UK line on EU issues.

Through our offices in Cardiff and Brussels, we seek to raise the profile of Wales in the EU, maximise the benefits to Wales of EU memberships and influence EU-related policy development and legislation.

The UK’s membership of the EU has benefited Wales in a number of ways. More information can be found in the Welsh Government’s case for continued UK membership of the European Union. 

For further details of our approach to EU engagement see the Welsh Government’s EU strategy and our Annual Reports and Work Programmes.