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Sharing Personal Information Project

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The purpose of Local Services Boards (LSBs) is to deliver benefits for citizens through strengthening joint working across all public services in Wales.
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The Sharing Personal Information (SPI) Project aims to make sure public services, as well as appropriate third and private sector providers, share personal information about individuals legally, safely and with confidence.

SPI is critical to ensuring that public services maintain and improve standards and efficiency, are coherently and collaboratively delivered based on need and safeguard the individual when necessary.  Key elements of the project are the Public Service Leadership Group (PSLG) commitment on information sharing and the implementation of the Wales Accord on the Sharing of Personal Information (WASPI) as the single information sharing framework for Wales. The Welsh Government is sponsoring the WASPI service until March 2015 to drive and support local good practice.

By March 2015 the following should be in place:

  • a single approach to WASPI-based information sharing across public service organisations;
  • public service managers and practitioners to have developed knowledge and understanding of good information sharing practice and be receiving the training needed;
  • collaboration across organisations to improve information sharing practice, service delivery and outcomes for users;
  • chief executives and senior managers to recognise the importance of effective sharing and drive improvement ; and
  • transformational change in culture and behaviour so that information sharing becomes expected practice, not the exception.