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The Regional Collaborative Footprint 2013

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Local Government in Wales consists of county and county borough councils; police, national park, and fire and rescue authorities; and town and community councils.
The Partnership Council for Wales is intended to promote joint working and co-operation between Welsh Government and local government.
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Report providing clarity around how public services should collaborate in Wales.

A common geographical footprint for collaborative activity based on 6 collaborative areas was set out in a paper to the Partnership Council on 21 July 2011.

Standardising on a common set of geographical boundaries and regional arrangements facilitates delivery by promoting stronger governance and accountability.

By putting regional collaboration on a more stable, long term footing, partners are able to get on with the job of joining up services to meet the needs of individuals and communities across Wales.

The digest below provides an overview of some key summary statistics for the collaborative footprint areas. It provides an analysis of these statistics for each of the 6 collaborative areas and allows comparison within and across the regional collaborative areas.