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Citizens’ Views of Public Services (findings from the 2009-10 pilot National Survey for Wales)

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The Welsh Government's national survey of citizens' experiences of public services in Wales is a significant pillar in its overall approach to develop and support citizen centred services.

In 2006, 2007 and 2008, the Living in Wales (LiW) survey asked around 7,500 people about their experience of public services. The LiW survey has now been replaced by the National Survey for Wales (NSW) which was piloted in 2009-10.

Findings from the pilot NSW are presented in the fourth set of citizens’ views reports.  They cover two service areas; Street Cleaning and Dental Practices and provide comparisons with findings from these service areas in the 2007 LiW survey.

Findings from the 2009-10 pilot National Survey for Wales

The 2009-10 pilot NSW questioned citizens face to face about their experiences of street cleaning and dental services. Please select the service area that you are interested in from the list below.