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05. Carmarthenshire Local Service Board

Information specific to the Carmarthenshire Local Service Board can be accessed from this page.

The Board is delivery focused and whilst not a delivery mechanism in its own right relies on the strategic partnerships – Community Safety Partnership, Health and Social Care Board, Children and Young People’s Partnership, Regeneration Partnership, Environment Partnership, Local Safeguarding Children Board, Carmarthenshire Adult Safeguarding Board and Mentrau Sir Gâr within Carmarthenshire to deliver on its behalf.

The Board has clearly defined its role as the local leadership team, able to influence and instigate actions, and has been able to achieve a level of autonomy and influence within the boundaries of each individuals delegated powers without requiring or acquiring a level of formality or bureaucracy.

Its role is to act as a hub which brings together wide ranging activity and to overcome blockages and barriers that may be in place and has welcomed the attendance of a local government official to bring a national perspective to the meetings and to influence change within the Welsh Government.

The Welsh Government official for this area is: Gillian Baranski, Chief Executive of CAFCASS Cymru.