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Improving the way public services respond to prevent instances of domestic abuse - 10,000 Safer Lives

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We want a culture that challenges abusive behaviour – everyone has the right to live fear free.
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A review of the barriers to providing a good service to the victims of abuse (medium and standard risk) and identifies how the services victims receive could be improved.

The project has identified a set of 'minimum service standards' which will make a real difference to the quality of services experienced by victims of domestic abuse and provide confidence that the service they can expect will be of a certain standard.

Recognising that it is particularly important for public services to get the first point of contact right and to make sure frontline staff can be confident in taking action a set of five key steps that frontline staff can easily refer to has been produced.

The full report and summary of findings, including the minimum standards and 'five steps', can be downloaded below.