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eProcurement services

Value Wales' eProcurement Service (ePS) programme supports electronic procurement across the Welsh public sector.

ePS is responsible for developing and delivering a long-term eProcurement strategy and service. It replaces the xchangewales programme, although Value Wales continues to deliver xchangewales systems and services under the name ePS:

  • eSourcing – including eTenders, eAuctions, eEvaluation and eContract and performance management. This workstream supports the delivery of web-based services that allow buyers and suppliers to conduct their sourcing activities online via our sourcing tool, eTenderwales. We also have an enhanced evaluation tool, AWARD, for more complex evaluations. Sell2Wales is our online notice publication tool, which allows buyers to run simple tenders and quick quotes, from a bank of registered suppliers. For more information on eSourcing visit eTenderWales (external link).
  • eTrading (external link) – an online service that allows public sector buyers to view and order goods and services through a wide range of electronic catalogues. Schools across Wales use this service.
  • ePayments – includes purchase cards as well as other ePayment solutions at no direct cost to organisations. It offers a quick, cost-effective and safe mechanism for the purchase of all goods and services. Suppliers also benefit from improved cash flow as payment is guaranteed between 3-5 days.

ePS is a centrally funded service which is free of charge to Welsh public sector organisations. For more information or support on the systems available, contact the eProcurement Service team: