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The Rent Officer and Local Housing Allowances - A Guide for Landlords

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Information explaining to landlords how the Local Housing Allowance works. Explains how it is calculated and why it is normally paid direct to the tenant.

Housing Benefit can help your tenants pay a reasonable level of rent, but the amount they receive is also based on their personal circumstances and may be
more or less than they have agreed to pay you.

Each month, the rent officer will give the council a series of figures. These are called ‘Local Housing Allowances’ and the council uses them to work out your
tenants’ benefit. The council will pay your tenant direct, although there are limited circumstances when you could be paid instead.

Paying the allowance direct encourages tenants to take responsibility for budgeting and paying the rent themselves. They will be able to choose the quality and price of their home. For example, some tenants could choose to pay more than the allowance they get, or they could choose to move to a less expensive home and keep the difference.