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Home improvement loans

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To tackle social issues and as part of meeting housing demand in Wales, we want empty properties to come back into use.
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This scheme aims to ensure that people have a high quality, warm, secure and energy efficient home.

We are providing £10million of funding for a 15 year national loan scheme. The scheme will be delivered by Local Authorities in Wales. It will enable short to medium term loans to be provided to owners of sub standard properties who pass affordability criteria and who are restricted by other sources of finance. As loans are repaid to the Local Authority, the funding will be recycled so that the fund will be available for the next 15 years.

Latest figures suggest that there are more than 13,000 properties in poor condition in Wales. This can result in accidents in the home and cause various health issues which are preventable. The interest free loans (subject to an administration fee of up to 15% determined by the local authority) are available to homeowners and landlords to help remove these hazards from their homes.

An evaluation of the scheme will be undertaken to look at the benefits of improving properties. This includes the boost to the local construction industry, prevention of accidents caused by hazards in the home and tackling social issues.

Further information is available from your local authority website, or email:

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